How about a free wedding. Several of our hotel and resort partners will offer you a free wedding ceremony based on Promotions and Groups.

Plan your wedding early (one year or more to 4 months before and save with early booking bonuses).

We work hand in hand with the airlines, tour operators and hotels.Our responsibility is to find you the best rate and the best promotions. Our 17 years experience in the travel industry and our contacts will be crucial in negotiating the best rates for your guests.


Honeymoon in French Polynesia and stay in a bungalow over the water.

Visit the most romantic cities in Europe Venice, Santorini, Villefranche.

Enjoy a personal butler attending to all your needs in a luxurious beach front suite with your private plunge pool

Spend your honeymoon adventuring and exploring on an Alaskan expedition aboard one of the best cruiseliners.

Contact us for the most original and creative honeymoons or just for a romantic getaway. (416) 777-0222